Augustus Oregon

Augustus Oregon is a figment of my imagination. I created the Augustus Oregon Universe to help me make sense of humanity and its place in the cosmos. I ruminate here with vigor laced with a smattering of audacity, but always under the veil of personal experience, even if I perceive the world from the POV of a voice in my head, manifested as a character.

When I close my eyes and clear my mind of rubble, I find myself sitting under a mighty oak tree, on a knoll that overlooks the town where I come from. Augustus Oregon is a place where the elderly are cherished and sought after for their life-long experiences and stores of knowledge; where the children run free and play without fear; and where the communities stand together and take care of their own, no matter what. When my end of days arrives, I will die in Augustus Oregon.

It’s taken me more than half a lifetime to conceive of Augustus Oregon, and now that it’s here, I don’t want its significance to slip away from my matured memory. In the fertile ground of my imagination, through the mysterious methods of the way the brain functions, I hope to reside in Augustus Oregon as I stare off into space from the front porch of my mind. If not that, then I pray the Talosians make the illusion of Augustus Oregon real for me.

I’m on that road less traveled. Destination: Augustus Oregon.